Williamsburg Rats: A Manny’s Tour of Duty is the story of one man who, after a decade of living in a drunken fog and accomplishing exactly nothing while lost in a sea of trust-fund hipsters and career teenagers in the too-hip neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, finds himself agreeing to watch a friend’s newborn son for a couple of weeks as a male nanny despite having no experience with children. A couple of weeks turns into three years of the kid, Chuck, and “Rats”, as Chuck calls him, trying to navigate the absurdly competitive frontlines of parenting in Williamsburg, banded together with a combination of “it’s us against the world!” and “what the hell are we doing?” They are an odd couple, they are fish out of water, but they go through it all the only way they know how: together.

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Gregory R. Wilson, aka Greg Wilson, or Greg, was born in the backwoods of Virginia in the early 70s to Yankee parents. After somehow graduating college and then for some reason living in Mississippi for two years, he moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where he stayed for almost 15 years in the same loft building on Metropolitan & Wythe. After finally exhausting the neighboring Kam Sing of all its egg foo yung he moved back South, where he released his first e-book, Williamsburg Rats: A Manny’s Tour of Duty. He currently lives in D.C. with his 60″ smart tv and high school football memories that never actually happened.