“I’m great to be around at funerals, and I look forward to how funny I’ll be standing at the alter waiting for my bride to walk down the aisle, or marching to the electric chair for my execution. Such it was that I found myself blabbing away at Chuck as he wandered around touching everything in the office, incapable of stopping my verbal diarrhea.”


“On the other hand, a kid’s honesty can also be uplifting when you want it to be – one time I’d been trying to lose weight for a couple of weeks, and the single greatest indication that I was having a little success was my godson Luke telling me ‘your belly’s not as big!’ Unlike adults, who are usually just trying to be polite about such things, I knew Luke meant what he said because he usually spent at least part our time together smacking my stomach asking “Is there a baby in there?” and shouting ‘Hello, baby! Come out!'”