Memory Lane

From November 2009:

Having completely exhausted any reason to procrastinate, I have finally written the first page of my book on being a Manny. Page two might be awhile as I’ve decided to become obsessed with buying an eraserboard and using it to storyboard stuff, like I saw Larry and Jerry doing on Curb Your Enthusiasm. So.



Mannies: The Early Days

Mannies have been around for a while now, at least since 2002:

”This whole manny thing is just beyond personal trainer,” said Wendy Wasserstein, the playwright. ”So would a male nurse be a murse? Life is so complicated. Now you’re hiring people to be personal buddies. And then you think, How extensive is this? Maybe I’ll hire someone to be my friend.”

This person sounds like someone who probably does need to hire someone to be her friend.


WR_Cover_2“The boy was six weeks old. He weighed about nine pounds and was lying on his back in an infant recliner on top of the counter island in the middle of the kitchen, floating four feet above the floor as if atop a Viking ship. Looking down I caught his eye, and searched for a sign of recognition…”